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Learning about women from my cat

Learning about women from my cat

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WHEN A WOMAN is truly interested in a guy, she does whatever is necessary to make him see her in the best possible light – even if it means hiring an actual lighting crew to follow her everywhere she goes.

Most guys don’t understand what women go through in order to win our hearts. We like to think we’re the ones who make it all happen. We want to believe that our game is so strong, and our charm so irresistible, that no woman could possibly turn us down. In reality, that’s a defense mechanism we use to deal with rejection. That way when the hammer drops, we can tell ourselves that it’s not us. It’s you.

In truth, we generally don’t have as much game as we think. Females, on the other hand, know from the word “go” what can and cannot happen. With that knowledge in mind, they calculate every twist and turn in a relationship, carefully preparing a step-by-step plan to win their desired result.

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(Featured illustration by Richard Harrington)